New climate plan drawn up for G8 meet

New climate plan drawn up for G8 meet


Berlin: A grouping of former heads of state will present a plan to G8 environment ministers meeting here on 11September aimed at breaking the impasse between rich and poor countries over global warming.

“We have agreed on a very complete document, a plan that could be adopted for post-Kyoto, to see how we might progress after 2012," said former Chilean minister Ricardo Lagos.

The document outlines how developing countries could reduce greenhouse gas emissions if industrialised countries transfered technologies at the cost of $10 billion (Rs40,000 crore) per year.

The text, developed by the Club of Madrid composed of former heads of state, and the United Nations Foundation, underlines that at the same time “emerging countries have to improve their energy efficiency."

The developing world must aim for European Union objectives, namely a 30% reduction in greenhouse gases since 1990, it says.

Among the G8 are the world’s largest energy consumers. They will be participating at the Berlin meeting along with 20 other countries during the week to discuss technology transfer and the necessity for an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases that would succeed the current Kyoto Protocol treaty, due to expire in 2012.