New Delhi: Manas Dev left his home state Jharkhand in search of a job after graduating from college in Ranchi in 2004. Ten years later, little has changed as far as job opportunities are concerned, he says, with thousands of youngsters migrating to other states in search of a better life.

Things could have been different had a stable and visionary government been in place, said Dev, a bank executive in Bengaluru.

Since Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar in November 2000, it has seen nine chief ministers and three spells of President’s rule.

“The state has always seen political instability and when there is no stability it does affect every aspect of socio-economic environment—from employment generation to industrial growth," said Birendra Kumar Sinha, head of department, political science at St. Xaviers College in Ranchi.

The assembly elections may not have given a complete majority to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on its own but have given enough seats to the BJP-led alliance to form the government. In the 81-member assembly, BJP has won 37 seats, the biggest tally by a single party in the state.

BJP’s partner All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU) has won five seats. While the Congress party won six seats, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha got 19 seats.

With the BJP-led alliance crossing the halfway mark, the state is set to get a stable government, experts said.

On 11 November, BJP president Amit Shah while unveiling the party manifesto in the state had said his party’s agenda is to provide a stable government in the state and usher in development.

“For the first time, Jharkhand people have given a full mandate to BJP," Shah said on Tuesday, adding that this mandate is for the “good governance" that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is demonstrating at the Centre and for the development agenda his party has pursued.

“The people of Jharkhand have voted for stability, which is essential to realize the true potential of the state," Modi said on Twitter.

Whether it is Modi or anybody else, empty promises will not help, said Dev. “Government has to deliver and we hope a stable government delivers and improves the ground situation. Else people will throw them out during the next elections. If aspirations of people can bring a party to power, their non-performance will yield the opposite," said Dev, whose younger brother, according to him, is still searching for a job in the state.

Sinha of St. Xaviers said Jharkhand has no dearth of resources, either human or minerals, but the dividend can only be reaped if a government has vision.

“Over 55% of the people in the state are below the age of 35 but lack of opportunity is driving them outside. Of every 10 students passing out of 12th class, roughly six are migrating to bigger cities and industrial zones for education or employment and that’s not a healthy sign for a state," said Sinha.

He said a BJP government at the Centre and state will improve coordination. There is a perception that the BJP is pro-business and industries have helped them during elections, he said, adding that the party will be able to accelerate industrial growth and boost employment.

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