The classroom conundrum

The classroom conundrum

Teacher Appraisals

The frequency

Seventy-five percent of schools said they had teacher appraisals once or more in a year.


Teaching effect


Teacher-student connect

Interactions with educationists, teachers, school management and industry experts from several cities strengthen the perception that though passionate teachers are not available in plenty these days, investment in teachers’ training is crucial. The connecting feeling is that a better classroom environment could create thinking individuals.

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Harshita Mann, Director, Lancer International School, Gurgaon

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Shyama Chona, Educationist

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Dhriti Malhotra, Principal, Manav Rachna International School, Gurgaon

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role models and ways in which topics can be dealt with in classrooms that will enable students’ to improve their understanding and knowledge.

Vyjayanthi Sankar, Vice-president (large-scale assessment), Educational Initiatives

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Learning environments

A cause for concern

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