BJP hopes India-US become partners against terrorism

BJP hopes India-US become partners against terrorism

Indore: BJP expressed hope that US President Barack Obama’s visit to India next month brings both the countries closer to be strong partners in the fight against terrorism.

“Obama is a representative of a great democracy. We welcome his visit and hope that both the countries will look forward in becoming strong partners in fight against terrorism," BJP spokesman Tarun Vijay told reporters here.

He said if US wanted to battle terrorism globally, it has to rise over “personal interests" and ensure that its aid to Pakistan was not used in abetting terrorism against India.

Pakistan has perfected in the art of seeking US aid on the pretext of fighting Talibans, he said.

Vijay expressed hope that Obama, during his visit, will understand India’s stand on terrorism and outsourcing.

The BJP leader said following Obama’s negative remarks on outsourcing, his party was concerned for the employment of Indians in the US.

Indians have contributed a lot to boost the US economy, he said, adding any attempt by the Obama administration to take back employment from Indians will be against America’s democratic values.