Indian Muslim org demands inquiry into Jamia encounter

Indian Muslim org demands inquiry into Jamia encounter

London: A UK-based Indian Muslim organisation has demanded an independent inquiry into the 19 September encounter in New Delhi, in which two alleged terrorists were killed.

The Council of Indian Muslims also condemned Saturday’s blast in Delhi.

“We are surprised what is stopping the Government from investigating these acts of terrorism. Without proper and independent inquiry and without fathoming the depth of these blasts and without bringing the real culprits to justice nothing can be achieved," council Chairman Mohammad Munaf Zeena said.

“With all the ‘mastermind’s encounter’, who has now carried out Saturday’s blasts in Delhi?“ he asked.

Two terrorists, involved in recent serial blasts in several parts of the country, were killed in a gunbattle in Jamia Nagar last week.

He also accused the opposition BJP of polarising the situation and carrying hatred without realising the dangers of their short sightedness for the survival of India as a secular state."

“The over ambitious security forces and BJP should not be unaware of the dangerous game they are playing by maligning the Muslims and taking advantage of the situation," Zeena said.

He also deplored the Nanavati Commission’s report tabled by the Modi government giving him a clean chit on his role in the 2002 Godhra riots.

Zeena said that neither the government nor the political parties are against Bal Thackeray, who is busy in creating ethnic divide and thus threatening the integrity of India.