Voting ends in some states in US polls

Voting ends in some states in US polls

Washington: Voting in the historic US Presidential poll ended in some states like Indiana and Kentucky as America is just hours away from knowing who will be the country’s new President.

Americans turned up in record numbers at polling stations across the country to cast their votes in the polls that pitted Democrat frontrunner Barack Obama against his Republican opponent John McCain, who is hoping for a surprise D-Day victory.

The so-called red state of Indiana is critical for both Obama and McCain. It is critical for McCain to hold on to this Mid-Western State as the Illinois senator has come within knocking distance of this state that borders yet another important Mid-Western state of Ohio.

The state of Kentucky is attracting lot of attention this election season where the Senate Republican Minority leader Mitch McConnel is involved in a tough re-election battle.

The Obama campaign is very much hoping for Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio to fall in the democratic column and is in the process boosting the electoral college votes.

By the same token the McCain campaign is hoping that Virginia, the political mid-west and Florida will stay with the Republicans and it is even hoping to wrench Pennsylvania away from the Democrats from where John Kerry was elected to the Senate in 2004.