Islamabad: Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States (US), Husain Haqqani, has offered to resign following reports linking him to a controversial secret memorandum purportedly sent by President Asif Ali Zardari to the Obama administration to avert a possible military takeover.

Pakistani soldiers take part in a military exercise. Photo: Reuters

However, he denied that he had played any role in drafting or delivering the memorandum.

“At no point was I asked by you or anyone in the Pakistani government to draft a memo and at no point did I draft or deliver such a memo," Haqqani told The Cable website that he had written in his letter to Zardari.

“I’ve been consistently vilified as being against the Pakistani military even though I have only opposed military intervention in political affairs," Haqqani said.

“It’s not easy to operate under the shadow of innuendo and I have not been named by anyone so far, but I am offering to resign in the national interest and leave that to the will of the President," he added.

Haqqani’s move came in the aftermath of the government calling him to Islamabad to explain his position on the memorandum.

Speaking in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani referred to Haqqani and said, “Whether he’s ambassador or not, he has to come to Islamabad to explain his position."