India seeks copy of complaints made by Headley’s wife to FBI

India seeks copy of complaints made by Headley’s wife to FBI

New Delhi: The Indian government has sent a formal letter rogatory to the US for seeking the copy of the complaints made by wife of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operative David Headley Coleman to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about his links with the militant outfit.

According to news published in many newspapers, Headley wife had reported to FBI about Headley’s possible connection with the LeT but the US federal agency reportedly did not consider it seriously. She had warned about possible terror attacks.

"This is keeping with the spirit of intelligence sharing and anti-terrorism cooperation between the two countries," said a senior government official. The war of words had broken out between India and the US before President Barack Obama visit.

India home secretary G.K. Pillai in an interview to television news channel CNNIBN said that the US did not share intelligence on Headley even after 26/11.The US only shared information when Headley was arrested in October 2009 by the FBI.

India said Headley had visited India after 26/11 and had the US told about him, he could have been arrested in India. Pillai was immediately countered by Timothy Roemer, the US ambassador to India, saying the US did share information on Headley.

Indian home minister P.Chidambaram then said the issue was blown out of proportion and the US was reviewing what information they had on Headley and when they had it. Headley issue, however, was not taken up for discussion during three day Obama visit to India.

According to home ministry officials a similar request will also be made to Pakistan asking them for a copy of the First Information Report (FIR), if any registered against Headley in the neighbouring after the complaint of his wife.