India new internship destination for UK law students

India new internship destination for UK law students


New Delhi: After 60 years of Britishers having left India, a new and welcome change is being seen, this time India is a preferred destination for British law students who are coming in droves, seeking internship opportunities here.

Students from globally acclaimed law institutions such as London School of Economics, Queen’s Marry College, Cambridge Law Faculty are making a beeline to gain first-hand experience in India.

The fact that India and United Kingdom share a common law system has also helped as British students do not find difficulty in adapting to the Indian judicial system.

A first year law student from London School of Economics, Kilian Die-Cingne, who has joined senior advocate A N Haksar, said for the similarity between the Indian and British judicial system and the latter’s legacy, he had hardly noticed any difference.

“India is very convenient for UK law students due to the common law system. There hardly seems to be any difference between the two countries," Kilian told PTI. He is here for a two-month internship.

Senior advocates in India are equivalent to the Barristers in UK and impart similar experience, Kilian added.

Recently, a few foreign interns had joined the telecom and broadcast tribunal TDAST.

Lina Arbelaez, a French national pursuing her Masters in Public Administration from London School of Economics, has joined the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal as an intern and the numbers are only likely to swell in coming months, as this lot of interns goes back and spread the good word around.