Indians top suicide list of expats in Saudi

Indians top suicide list of expats in Saudi


Dubai: Suicide cases among foreign workers in Saudi Arabia are on the increase, with Indians accounting for over 40% of the incidents, health ministry said.

As many as 203 Indian workers were among the 266 who took their lives last year, the health ministry report said, adding nearly 295 foreigners were murdered during the same period.

Expatriates accounted for 77% of suicides in the Gulf country last year with Indians (203) taking the lead at 43%, followed by Bangladeshis (155), Pakistanis (141), Yemenis (102) and Egyptians (97), the Arab News reported.

“Of the total deaths last year, 957 or 50.1% were not natural and suicides represented 27% of such deaths," the report said, adding that the reasons for 93% deaths were not known.

According to Dr Abdul Razak Al-Hamad, consultant in mental medicine at King Saud University, the exact figures for suicides in Saudi Arabia are not available.

The largest number of suicides is in the age group of 30-39 and they represent about 44.3% of the total, followed by those aged 20-29, which accounts for 33.6%, the report said.

As many as 63% foreign workers ended their lives by hanging while 12% jumped from a high place.