The Mint Report for 09 September 2010

The Mint Report for 09 September 2010

India’s giant census counts people by their religion and gender, but a new headcount will also ask them about their caste. On Thursday the cabinet approved a plan to launch a nationwide survey to ask people what caste they belong to. The project will take place between June and September of next year. It will be the first caste-based survey of its kind in India since 1931. Opposition parties have been clamouring for caste-based census for some time now. They say the information collected can be used to target reservations and social programmes more effectively.

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The dispute between the Competition Commission of India and Compat came to a resolution on Thursday. The Supreme Court ruled that the appeals body, Compat, could only take on cases on which the Competition Commission had already passed an order. It also said the CCI doesn’t have to grant hearings in the early stages of an investigation. But the Supreme Court added that the commission had to complete its investigations within 60 days of getting a notice. The dispute between the CCI and Compat began last year, after Compat stopped a CCI investigation into a complaint.

Food inflation has picked up pace in late August. The food price index rose 11.47% in the week to 28 August. In the week before, it climbed just 10.86%. The latest figures come barely a week before an RBI meet considers new hikes in policy rates.