Celebrating the ordinary

Celebrating the ordinary

What time the vandal does over years Nandan Ghiya achieves almost instantly. His paintings and installations depict time and its effects, following the process of creation through destruction. Ghiya’s latest painting exhibition ‘Time Vandal’ at Exhibit 320 in Delhi celebrates the beauty in the ordinary and the bygone.

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The acrylics on canvas interact with mundane objects like a fan regulator or wooden shrine to depict the interaction of humans with these spaces and the erosive power of time that changes every thing, creating and destroying simultaneously.

Ghiya’s favoured metaphor is the public advertisements on walls, and signboards that become a space for interaction of not just humans but also the creatures that intersperse urban human existence.

In his own words, “ I do what the vandal does. I imitate its effects to show creation through destruction."

Be it the glorification of jaded lobby cards of yesteryears blockbusters, or the blurred faces of the icons in Ghiya’s series Random People, the refrain of the erosive effect of time runs constant throughout his work.

The exhibition is on till 10 of November at gallery Exhibit 320.