Infrastructure growth falls in September, improves in August

Infrastructure growth falls in September, improves in August

New Delhi: Growth in India’s infrastructure industries slowed down to 5.1% in September from 5.8% a year ago, but bounced back from a dismal 2.3% in August this year.

The growth in six core industries - crude oil, petroleum refinery products, coal, electricity, cement and finished carbon steel - contracted also for the April-September period to 3.9% from 6.9% in the first half of the previous year.

The infrastructure industries have a weight of 26.7% in the overall index of industrial production.

The IIP figures for September will be released in the next few days.

Growth in core industries dipped in August, tracking the overall IIP, which dipped to 1.3%.

Although crude oil production declined by 0.4%, the performance in September is slightly better than the same month last year.

Refinery products too showed a downward trend of 2.8% from 6.9% in September 2007. Finished carbon steel also registered a lower growth of 5.8%, compared with 9.5%.

However, coal output showed better performance at 10.7% in September 2008 from 6.3%, while cement production rose by 7.9% from 5.4%.

Electricity generation rose by merely 4.4% in the period, against 4.3% in September 2007.