“Indian entrepreneurship must be allowed to flourish”

“Indian entrepreneurship must be allowed to flourish”

If you had three wishes in the upcoming budget what would they be?

•That the union budget will deliver on the social agenda this year.

• Ensure efficiency in public expenditure

• I wish that the budget delivers an impetus for the growth and well being of the common citizen.

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One thing you would end?

Reduce corruption and introduce greater transparency to improve governance within the government and open up capacities for people to enter various sectors.

What would you change?

I would make any change that comes in the way of unleashing entrepreneurship in India. So a vast amount of controls — the kind that inhibit innovativeness and growth are the things I would change.

One thing you would not change?

Policy initiatives that allow for Indian diversity to flourish. Indian diversity must be cherished and celebrated. We often make economic and policy models similar and we should ensure that in our policies the diversity is preserved.

What is your idea of Inclusive growth?

Inclusive growth must give meaning to the word “citizen". A citizen should enjoy the fundamental benefits like the right to livelihood, right to ensure a future for your family and right to live healthily and wholesomely.