Panel suggests social security to unorganised sector workers

Panel suggests social security to unorganised sector workers

New Delhi, 9 Aug 2007: A government-appointed commission has suggested a 45,000 crore action plan to provide social security to 395 million workers in the unorganised sector and bring more farmers under institutional credit.

The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS), in its third report on condition of workers in the sector, has suggested a 13-point programme that includes floating a national security scheme, setting up of a national fund, establishment of growth poles, programme for skill development and a scheme to increase credit reach to small and marginal farmers

“We firmly believe that this (13-point agenda) is within our fiscal and administrative capacity," NCEUS Chairman Arjun Sengupta told reporters here.

The report was presented to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 9 August.

According to the commission’s estimate, 86% of the country’s workforce or 394.9 million workers form part of the unorganised sector.

The national security scheme, to be implemented in five years, for all unorganised workers is estimated to cost 19,400 crore for agricultural workers and 12,950 crore for non-agricultural workers, while the national fund for the unorganised workers can be set up on the lines of NABARD with a corpus of 5,000 crore.

NCEUS further suggested setting up growth poles in 25 states envisaging a total investment of 5,000 crore under the public-private partnership (PPP) mode to create job opportunities for the workers.

The commission also underlined the need for improving skill development programmes with an additional investment of 500 crore. The package to increasing credit reach of small and marginal farmers will involve additional 2,000 crore.