Delhi’s Old Fort came to life again with Sufi singer Amer Eltony and his dance company Egyptian Mawlawiyah performing among the ruins.

Egyptian Mawlawiyah draws on the traditions of North African dervishes. As music intensifies, dancers whirl around in their colourful costumers, as if in a trance.

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It wasn’t Eltony’s first time in India, but he welcomed the response from audiences.

“It’s the second time I am in Delhi, I came here last year as well. I am very happy to come to India, the country has a spirit of it’s own that helps us connect easily."

File photo of Old Fort, Delhi

Though Indian qawali has been increasingly commercialized, Naseer Ahmed Khan Warsi said cultural events like these help keep its spirit alive.

“Qawwali has Indian origins and it cannot die. The government is also supporting this cause and cultural event like these are promoting Indian music and tradition."