Just one girl in 10 students making it to IIMs: Survey

Just one girl in 10 students making it to IIMs: Survey


New Delhi: Women MBA aspirants account for only 10% of students joining the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), as lower participation, coupled with relatively less business aptitude has limited their strength at these elite B-schools, a study says.

According to a study conducted by management education training institute Career Launcher, only one in three taking Common Admission Test, the gateway to IIMs, are women in Delhi, while the ratio for rest of India is even lower.

The female participation in CAT exams is itself lower, that added with their failure in group discussions lead to women filling in only 10% of the total number of seats in the IIMs, Career Launcher’s Academics director Arindam Lahiri said.

While most of them clear their written examinations, a less aptitude for business and management lead to their failure in group discussions, the study found. The admission to IIMs are based on the scores in written CAT examinations, as well as group discussions and personal interviews.

“Girls are more emotionally inclined in answering questions compared to boys," found the survey that involved around 12,500 students across 40 cities in the country. “Girls tend to fare better in the English usage section as they are generally better read and tend to attempt more questions on Arithmetic in the Maths section, whereas boys tend to be a bit more mathematically sound overall and do well in the Algebra and Geometry sections of the paper as well," Career Launcher faculty member Arjun Wadhwa said.

Number of CAT examinees jumped from 1,90,000 last year to 2,30,000 this year, with aspirants competing for about 5,000 seats available, the survey said.