‘Danish proposal not acceptable’

‘Danish proposal not acceptable’

New Delhi: Global climate talks at Copenhagen on 7 December would be at a “dead end" if a Danish draft proposal, urging the world adopt 2020 as the year when the emissions will peak, is put forward, environment minister Jairam Ramesh said. “If the Denmark draft is any indication then we are heading to a dead end. The draft, which is not based on realistic estimations, is totally unacceptable to us," Ramesh said.

Stressing that there was no question of taking binding emission cuts, he said that to counter the Danish draft, the major emerging economies such as China, South Africa and Brazil have prepared their own draft in Beijing which, he felt, “is more into what our expectations and objectives are." “It is yet to get the support of the G-77. It will be unveiled tomorrow at the Copenhagen, giving our side of the view and our non-negotiable position."

Ramesh, who was on a two-day visit to China, recently along with counterparts from Brazil and South Africa signed the 10-page draft which is being conceived as a counter to the text that will be released by western countries next week as a possible basis for talks that start on 7 December.

“It meets our expectations and aspirations and supports our non-negotiable stands of no binding emission cuts, mitigation and adaptation actions to be supported by the international fund and no peaking year to be declared at the international forum," Ramesh added.