Fresh attack in Oz on Indians

Fresh attack in Oz on Indians

Melbourne: In a fresh incident against Indians, a group of Australians racially abused community members coming out from a Kabaddi match and damaged their car, prompting them to retaliate.

The incident took place at a carpark outside Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium in Epping when a local skateboarder damaged the rear window of a car belonging to an Indian.

The skateboarder also used abusive language against some Indians who were leaving the stadium where a Kabaddi match had ended last night.

“Associates of the person, whose car was damaged, came to his assistance. Two men were assaulted and hit with sticks in the brawl. These two injured men were from the group outside who had allegedly started to verbally abuse the people from the vehicle," police said in a statement.

The two Australians — aged 25 and 42 — were taken to Northern Hospital with minor injuries, they said. However, no arrests have been made and the incident was being investigated, police told PTI.

Around 30 Indian students were attacked in various cities from June to August. Last month, three Indians were “brutally bashed" by a group of around 70 youth while playing here.