New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday issued notice to the Centre and the National Legal Services Authority (Nalsa) on a public interest litigation seeking establishment of old-age homes in each district.

Former union law minister Ashwini Kumar approached the court, saying that the right to live with dignity of the elderly was being violated due to lack of care.

The petition notes that because of ineffective implementation and breaches of National Policy for Elderly in place in India, the constitutional right of the elderly are being compromised.

Kumar sought the establishment of an adequate number of old- age homes in each district in the country to enable them to live a life of dignity.

Despite the preparation of draft National Policy on Senior Citizens by the Central government in 2011, it has not been yet been finalized, the petition noted.

The National Council of Senior Citizens, an advisory body to the Central and State government on issues related to the welfare of senior citizens and enhancement of their quality of life, has been defunct.

In India, the population of senior citizens has increased from 77 million (7.5%) to 103.8 million (8.6%) during 2001-2011.

Apurva Vishwanath contributed to the story.