Bhopal verdict an example of ‘justice buried’: Moily

Bhopal verdict an example of ‘justice buried’: Moily

New Delhi: Dubbing the Bhopal gas verdict as an example of “justice buried", law minister M Veerappa Moily on Monday said there is need for fast-tracking such cases and ensuring proper investigation.

“This is one such case where justice is delayed and practically denied. I would like to say justice is buried," he told reporters here.

He said this should not be repeated. “It is my concern," Moily said.

“Culprits should be brought to book as earlier ensuring maximum punishment by conducing a proper investigation," he said adding, there was a need for fast-track courts.

When asked whether the government will be undertaking measures to check delays as seen in the case, he said he will be taking steps.

“But till the time a proper investigation is not carried out and trial does not take place, we will not be doing justice," he said.

The Minister termed the Bhopal tragedy a serious disaster due to commission and omission of a particular industry.

When asked about claims of CBI investigation officer B R Lal that he was under pressure from MEA not to pursue the case against Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson, he said, “after retirement, people can give many statement."

“It is an irresponsible statement. This is not done at all. After retirement, people become martyrs by making such statements," he said.