Jinnah was ‘demonised’ by India, says Jaswant

Jinnah was ‘demonised’ by India, says Jaswant

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh on Monday struggled for support on his view on Jinnah on the occasion of his book’s release here. While his party colleague Arun Shourie did not attend the function, the panelist on the occasion including senior journalists B G Varghese and M J Akbar sought to disagree with Jaswant;s view.

Singh in his book ‘Jinnah - India, Partition, Independence’ has said Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah was ‘demonised’ by India even though it was Jawaharlal Nehru whose belief in a centralized system had led to the Partition.

Singh chose not to defend his view during the release function and decided to end his speech with mere urge to the audience to purchase the book. As per party insiders, BJP would soon distance itself from the views expressed by Singh about Jinnah. BJP was rocked by Jinnah controversy even after the 2004 Lok Sabha defeat after Advani called him ‘secular’ and he had to resign from the post of party president.

Singh, a former external affairs minister, in his book feels India had misunderstood Jinnah and India is now somewhat ‘mellowed’ and it is ready to accept a greater understanding of the many oneness that bond it with India, a view opposite to that of his party.