Ties with China are of enormous consequence: Clinton

Ties with China are of enormous consequence: Clinton

Washington: Amidst reports that the US is lining up countries against China, secretary of state Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that the US-China relationship is complex and of enormous consequence, but asserted that the Obama Administration is committed to getting it right.

“The relationship between China and the United States is complex and of enormous consequence, and we are committed to getting it right," Clinton said in her major Asia policy speech in Honolulu in Hawaii at the start of her nearly two week trip to Asia-Pacific region that would take her to half-a-dozen countries.

“Now, there are some in both countries who believe that China’s interests and ours are fundamentally at odds. They apply a zero-sum calculation to our relationship. So, whenever one of us succeeds, the other must fail. But that is not our view," she said.

“In the 21st century, it is not in anyone’s interest for the United States and China to see each other as adversaries. So we are working together to chart a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship for this new century," she observed.

“There are also many in China who believe that the United States is bent on containing China, and I would simply point out that since the beginning of our diplomatic relations, China has experienced breathtaking growth and development," she said.

“And this is primarily due, of course, to the hard work of the Chinese people. But US policy has consistently, through Republican and Democratic administrations and congresses supported this goal since the 1970s," she said.

Clinton said that the Obama Administration does look forward to working closely with China, both bilaterally and through key institutions as it takes on a greater role, and at the same time, takes on more responsibility in regional and global affairs.

“In the immediate future, we need to work together on a more effective approach to deal with North Korea’s provocations to press them to rebuild ties with the South and to return to the Six-Party Talks, adding that on Iran, US looks to China to help ensure the effective implementation of global sanctions aimed at preventing Iran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions.

“On military matters, we seek a deeper dialogue in an effort to build trust and establish rules of the road as our militaries operate in greater proximity. On climate change, as the world’s two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, we have a shared responsibility to produce tangible strategies that improve energy efficiency and advance global climate diplomacy," she said.