Intelligence reports warn of imminent attacks: PM

Intelligence reports warn of imminent attacks: PM

New Delhi: Observing that both state and non-state actors are engaged in the business of terrorism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said regular intelligence reports had warned of “imminent attacks" in the country and security forces need to be prepared to meet any challenge.

Addressing the top commanders of the armed services in New Delhi, he also said the situation in India’s immediate neighbourhood has worsened, apparently referring to the developments in Pakistan, which he did not spell out.

Singh referred to last year’s Mumbai attacks and the terror strike at the Indian embassy in Kabul earlier this month which, he said, was “yet another grim reminder of the forces" that India is pitted against.

“There are both state and non-state actors involved in the business of terrorism. India is a democracy and an open society and is, therefore, sometimes highly vulnerable," Singh said.

He pointed out that there has been no major terrorist attack in India since the “horrific" Mumbai attacks but said “there are regular intelligence reports of imminent attacks in the country. This is a matter of deep concern and there is no room for complacency."

Referring to the Mumbai attacks whose first anniversary would be observed next month, Singh said the incident had confirmed “our worst fears about the lethal dimensions of terrorism and non-traditional threats to our security".