Let’s miss the N-bus, Left tells the government

Let’s miss the N-bus, Left tells the government

Ahead of the first meeting of the UPA-Left committee to sort out differences on the nuclear deal with the US, Left pa-rties on Monday toughened their stance, saying nobody can convince them that the Hyde Act will have “no role or effect" on the bilateral agreement.

The supporting parties bluntly rejected Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s suggestion that India should not miss the bus of nuclear renaissance as they insisted that “the destination of the bus will be the stranglehold (Dhritarashtra Alingan) of the United States."

“All these issues we will discuss. But nobody will be able to convince us that the Hyde Act has no role, no effect on this bilateral agreement. I know they will put very eminent lawyers from their side. But this is not a matter to be argued in a court of law," CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat said.

Significantly, Karat’s strong statement came at a convention where leaders of UNPA constituents TDP and Samajwadi Party were also present.

Karat’s reference to lawyers was obviously aimed at Kapil Sibal and P. Chidambaram.

Asserting ?the ?government was in a “minority" on the civil nuclear deal issue, Karat said, “if the government still decides to go ahead ignoring the voice of Parliament and the voice of the people, it will have to pay the consequences."

Meanwhile, Parliament’s monsoon session ended four days before schedule on Monday, because of a row between the government and the Opposition over reviewing a nuclear accord with the US.

Bloomberg contributed to this story.