The Mint report for 02 December 2010

The Mint report for 02 December 2010

New Delhi: Food inflation is now growing at its slowest pace in one and a half years. The food price index rose just 8.6% in the period to 20 November. The previous week it had gone up 10.15%. Food inflation has now eased for seven weeks in a row. Back in July, the government had introduced a new data series for calculating food inflation.

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And in other news, two ministries could get into a tussle over census projects. The ministry of rural development has proposed combining a census of below poverty line families with another census on caste. But the home ministry plans to oppose the idea. Officials from the ministry have told Mint combining them would create complications and overburden census takers. The caste census is currently slated to be carried out by an organization under the home ministry. And the BPL census comes under auspices of the ministry of rural development.

And finally, here’s how Indian markets did on Thursday. The Sensex shot up 143 points to close at 19,993. And the Nifty rose 51 to finish at 6,012.