India aims to boost economic ties with Canada

India aims to boost economic ties with Canada


Ottawa: India has said it attaches great importance to closer socio-economic ties with Canada and has accelerated the efforts to bolster overall trade and investment between the two countries.

“India sees tremendous opportunities for a closer relationship with Canada," Indian High Commissioner to Canada R L Narayan said while presenting Tata Consultancy Services and Nortel merit certificates to 17 employees for their outstanding services in the field of software development.

“The economic emergence of India holds importance for Canada and its business community. Since India commenced its significant reform process in 1991, the country has moved from a closed economic approach to one which is increasing open and engaged," Narayan said.

Mukesh Gupta, senior executive of the TCS, said with more than one billion people, and GDP growth of 9%, India has opened its doors to the world and is emerging as a land of opportunities.

“A land in which the operative descriptors in 2007 are emerging, optimistic, rising, poised and transforming. The early explorers sought a way to India in search of silks and spices. In 2007, a new mission of exploration is underway as businesses from around the world come to India for opportunities," Gupta added.