CII launches IP skill enhancement programmes

CII launches IP skill enhancement programmes

New Delhi: The shortage of skilled professionals in the field of Intellectual Property has been acutely felt in recent years.

In order to bridge this gap CII is partnering with the Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Centre (APTDC) to identify and train individuals, corporates and academics through national level programmes on Intellectual Property Skill Enhancement.

A first of its kinds, in India, the objective of the workshops would be to build a strong foundation along with adding value and quality to work products and to perform daily activities with greater efficiency. The workshops will be held in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi with the first being inaugurated on 14September 2007 in Bangalore.

Subjects that will be taken up include IP, patent drafting, search, analysis, prosecutions and IP strategy. A national committee on IP owners is also being set up which will have represenation from top industry, Government and academia in all sectors.

Objective would be to promote IP culture in the country and present status and requirements in IPR.