The Mint Report for 10 March 2010

The Mint Report for 10 March 2010

New Delhi: Airlines may have to cough up less cash as airport fees in the near future. The Airports Economic Regulatory Authority says the so-called single-till model of airport charges is best suited to India. The single-till model can reduce airport charges because it takes into account all activities an airport. That includes activities that make money, like shops and restaurants. The other competing system for airport charges is the double-till model, which only takes into account the aeronautical services that operators provide. While airlines prefer the single-till model, airport operators support double-till. Currently, airports in India simply charge airlines and passengers a levy for future facilities being built at airports.

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Many more people could find themselves updating their resumes in the coming fiscal year. A new survey from Mafoi Management Consultants says India will see nearly a million new jobs in 2010-11. That’s a 35% increase over the previous year. The survey says the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries will lead the hiring by adding nearly 300,000 new jobs. The hospitality sector will add 137,000 jobs and the real estate industry another 136,000. India’s IT sector is expected to add less than 100,000 new positions. Mafoi conducted its survey by interviewing the chief executives or human resources heads of 1,000 companies in India.

Coal India Ltd says it is looking to sign strategic alliances that will help meet some of India’s demand for coal. The alliances are expected to be in the form of either equity or offtake deals with coal mining companies abroad. India’s coal shortfall for 2010-11 is projected at 81 million tonnes.