I don’t understand logic behind Sena’s anger: SRK

I don’t understand logic behind Sena’s anger: SRK

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who drew Shiv Sena’s ire for supporting Pakistani cricketers inclusion in the IPL, says he does not understand the “logic" behind the controversy and would have apologised if they had a problem with his film My Name Is Khan.

The 44-year-old superstar said what hurt him the most was the fact that his “Indianness" was questioned again and again.

Khan said that he would have apologised to Shiv Sena if the content of his film, released on 12 February, was found to be offensive but did not do so because he didn’t understand the “logic" behind their anger.

“If they had a problem with my film, I would have apologised. I have done so earlier because I do not want to offend anyone with my films, my aim is to entertain. But this was about who I am as a person and my Indianness and I was hurt that I had to clarify it again and again," said Khan in an interaction with Star News.

The actor said that he has “great respect" for the Sena leaders but feels that politics and patriotism should not have been mixed with entertainment.

“They are much older than me and I have great respect for them. But I did not understand why was the film dragged in between. I am one of those who believe that entertainment and politics should not be mixed," he said.

“I did not understand why was my Indianness questioned. My father is a freedom fighter and I am proud of that," he added.