Making history, quietly

Making history, quietly

To commemorate its first 75 years, the Reserve Bank of India has organized an exhibition of newspaper clippings and photographs that will tour the country. Its current stop is Delhi and as the organizer puts it, the idea behind it was to demystify the mystery surrounding central banks and help people gain a better understanding of its workings.

“People don’t think that RBI is something that they should know about and that it has such a rich history…So when they come and see the exhibition, they are overwhelmed," said Alpana Killawala, chief general manager, RBI.

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The Reserve Bank’s journey is told through visuals and vignettes that provide glimpses into its eventful past and the road it has traversed; starting from its establishment in 1935—to the period right after independence, the era of liberalization even the new symbol for the rupee-every milestone, carefully chosen to illustrate the bank’s rich history .

And for an institution, often considered austere and aloof, this is being seen as an effort to break from the mold. It is also reaching out to children, hoping to generate interest in India’s financial conditions, much to the delight of students who say the exhibition has been a revelation of sorts.

The Reserve Bank’s story reflects the story of money in India-- and the country’s quest for inclusive growth and the exhibition which will be traveling to 5 more states will culminate in Mumbai in the first week of October.