Parliament’s winter session from 9 November

Parliament’s winter session from 9 November

New Delhi: The winter session of the 15th Lok Sabha will begin on 9 November, a day after US President Barack Obama is expected to address lawmakers in a joint session of Parliament.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat on Monday issued a notification saying the session would “commence on 9 November and subject to exigencies of government business, is likely to conclude on 13 December."

This is Obama’s maiden visit to India and he is likely to address both the houses in a joint sitting on 8 November, a day before the start of the session.

The more than one month long session is also likely to see some key bills, including five bills aimed at reform in higher education, being debated and passed.

On Friday, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat had issued a notification informing MPs that the session would begin on 9 November.