New Delhi: Delhi, Bangalore and greater Mumbai are the top three affluent cities in India on lifestyle and consumption habits, followed by Chennai and Hyderabad, a survey by market research firm Nielsen Co. has found.

Lifestyle: The survey said the upper-upper middle comprise some 0.2 million households and own a car, a computer and a LCD TV. Namas Bhojani / Bloomberg

The survey defines affluence on lifestyle and ownership of consumer durables rather than monthly income and education.

Three segments of affluence emerged by such a mapping—upper middle, upper-upper middle and rich—that the survey said were distinct in their consumption habits.

Besides the top five, the others in the list are Kolkata, Kochi, Pune, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

The Nielsen survey estimated that there are 2.5 million affluent households in the country, of which 2.2 million belong to the upper-middle segment—households that own a car and a computer.

The upper-upper middle segment comprise some 0.2 million households and own a car, a computer and a liquid crystal display (LCD) television set.

The rich total about 0.1 million households, who own all the consumer products detailed above and have taken a holiday abroad.

According to the survey, although nearly half of the affluent Indian consumers were schooled in English, they spoke regional languages at home.

The economic slowdown has not impacted spending habits of affluent households but they have cut down on luxury accessories and vacations, the survey found.