B-School alumni shoot a 10-mt ‘virtual’ collaborative video

B-School alumni shoot a 10-mt ‘virtual’ collaborative video

New Delhi: You might have heard of "Wikipedia", but you might not have heard of a WikiVideo! A rather unusual group of ISB, IIM students and other professionals have gotten together from across the globe and created the world’s first “collaborative video".

The seeds of this creative venture began in December last year when a handful of MBA students from the Indian School of Business met and conceptualized a "Virtual Global Studio", in which anyone could contribute and collaborate on "creative ideas". Immediately setting their plan in motion, they invited other equally inclined professionals discussing several ideas before finalizing on creating a video as their first project.e3401efa-ae27-11dc-b754-000b5dabf636.flv

Click and enter, this time an online studio! (contd.)

This short film focuses on the individual journeys of a group of students as they enter an MBA institute with different backgrounds and aspirations. The video narrates life as seen through the eyes of “Kris", a 20-something, aspiring entrepreneur. While all of them go through the rigours of a demanding study programme, and the pressure of placements, the protagonist, Kris explores different possibilities, in search of his heartfelt “dream".

Shot in both New York and Hyderabad, the movie makes use of special effects to engage the viewer. The video stands apart from other amateur creative works, not just because of its unique storyline, but because it was created in collaboration with many other people across the world, some of whom have never even met each other! e5e4e46a-ae27-11dc-b754-000b5dabf636.flv

Click and enter, this time an online studio!

Unlike the traditional film-making style where the script is finalized months before production can even begin, the story of Sapney, in true Wiki style, was democratically decided while the shooting was in progress.

"Post-production and editing was a Herculean task. We had tonnes of video, and we had to filter through all of that to form one, single, final video which succinctly captures the essence of what we were trying to portray", says Ashu Singhal, a software engineer at an MNC.

Adds Siddhant Bhansali, who directed part of the film, "It was quite a challenge. Its not like any of us are trained filmmakers, we just shared a common vision – that this is a collaborative platform wherein any and all can give their inputs".

The journey was far from smooth, as highlighted by a comment made by Girish, a management consultant, “This is more difficult than most people can imagine. Our entire team was located across the world, in different time zones. The only way for us to collaborate was to work virtually."

The team took upon the challenge to create an “online studio" where script writing, music, cinematography, editing, and even direction was done, virtually over the web.

It took long hours of online IM (instant messaging) and voice chats to get the team to gain consensus on several issues at first, but as soon as the team mastered the art of online collaboration, it set a ball rolling that no one could stop. For many team members, it was a way to channelize their creativity outside of their mundane work lives.

For others, it was just a way of keeping in touch with and reliving the fun and excitement of doing group assignments at business school. “I got in touch with old friends, and made many new ones across the world, and loved working on this project!" says Mohit Garg.

While working on the music for the video, one of the team members, Anshul, rekindled his passion for music and launched his own rock band in Delhi, “Musafir". The title song of their first album is called “Nishani", which features as the background music for “Sapney". This song was inspired by Anshul’s own experience at the ISB.

“The whole idea behind this was to demonstrate that it is possible to work across national boundaries, across time zones, on a creative project", says Krishna Gopal, “and I think we proved that with Sapney!"

The young filmmakers and their work can be found online at: www.TeraMeraIdea.com