Mumbai / New Delhi: Parliament convened on Wednesday for the first time since last month’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai amid calls by the Opposition parties for a tougher stance against Pakistan to stop militant groups operating there.

In charge: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh waves to the media at Parliament in New Delhi on Wednesday. Kamal Singh / PTI

The Opposition may ask Prime Minister Manmohan Singh-led government to push for stronger action over the attacks and increase pressure on Pakistan when the session resumes on Thursday.

The discussion on terrorism may delay Bills pending approval of Parliament, including a proposal to permit up to 49% ownership by overseas insurers such as New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd and London-based Prudential Plc. in Indian joint ventures compared with 26% now.

India permitted private and global insurers into its insurance industry in 2000 to attract more investment and have more among its 1.1 billion people insured.

The government may also seek Parliament’s approval for a Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Bill that aims to increase the foreign investment limit in the industry.

The parliamentary session, which commenced on 17 October and was scheduled to conclude on 21 November, was adjourned on 24 October because of the state assembly elections that were held between 14 November and 4 December.

The session will end on 23 December, according to the parliament secretariat.