New Delhi: In a 15-page statement reportedly released on Monday, Beijing has questioned India’s stand in the ongoing border standoff in Doklam near the tri-junction area and demanding “immediate and unconditional withdrawal," according to a statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Calling India a third-party in the border standoff, China accused India of using Bhutan as “a pretext" and interfering and impeding the boundary talks between China and Bhutan, the statement said, which has also been released by the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi.

“As a third party, India has no right to interfere in or impede the boundary talks between China and Bhutan, still less the right to make territorial claims on Bhutan’s behalf. India’s intrusion into the Chinese territory under the pretext of Bhutan has not only violated China’s territorial sovereignty but also challenged Bhutan’s sovereignty and independence," the statement reads.

Further, it says that China warned India that it would take “all necessary measures", and saying “no country should ever underestimate the resolve of the Chinese government and people to defend China’s territorial sovereignty."

China has accused India for “trespassing" into the Doklam region, saying that “over 400 Indian border troops had on June 18 advanced over 180 metres into Chinese territory", and that as of the end of July, “there were still over 40 Indian border troops and one bulldozer illegally staying in the Chinese territory," the statement adds.

Calling it “very serious" incident, the statement further says, the latest standoff is “fundamentally different from past frictions between the border troops of the two sides in areas with undelimited boundary."