Brussels: The European Union (EU) on Tuesday donated its 2012 Nobel Peace Prize cash, plus a one million-euro top-up, to thousands of children impacted by war in Syria, Colombia, Congo and Pakistan.

“In situations of conflict, children are often the most vulnerable," said EU president Herman Van Rompuy. “So it is only right that this award should benefit young victims of armed conflicts."

Van Rompuy picked up the 930,000-euro award in Oslo a week ago along with European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and European parliament president Martin Schulz.

The 27-nation union said at the time it would top up the cash to donate two million euros to children affected by conflict.

The funds will go to help 23,000 children in four projects.

The EU was named Nobel peace laureate for helping turn a continent at war to a continent at peace in the 60 years since it was born from the aftermath of World War II.

The bloc said that currently, 90% of the victims of conflicts are civilians, half of them children.

About seven million children are refugees and 12.4 million are displaced within their own country due to conflict.