NTPC not to implead in RIL-RNRL case: Brahma

NTPC not to implead in RIL-RNRL case: Brahma

Noida: A day after the Government moved an application in the Supreme Court with the twin aims of protecting its own and NTPC’s interests in the Ambani gas row, the power ministry on Wednesday said the state-run firm will not file a separate plea.

“Since Petroleum Ministry has come in the support of NTPC, there is no need for NTPC to go to Supreme Court," Power Secretary H. S. Brahma told reporters here.

The interlocutory application filed on Tuesday made it clear that $4.20 per mmBtu price approved by the government for RIL’s KG-D6 gas was without prejudice to the state-run firm’s case seeking the fuel from the Mukesh Ambani-run company at $2.34 per mmBtu price committed in 2004.

It clarified that NTPC’s case against RIL was different from the dispute between Mukesh Ambani firm and that run by his brother Anil Ambani as $2.34 price was based on arms-length international competitive bid. In contrast, Anil Ambani Group was seeking gas by virtue of a private family agreement.

Brahma said NTPC will not implead itself in the ongoing RIL versus Anil Ambani Group firm RNRL court case but was free to appeal in the apex court on any aspect of its case against RIL in the Bombay High Court.

The High Court had allowed RIL to amend its petition to state that its 2004 bid would get frustrated because of the Government’s stand that the sale price has to be first approved by it.