CEOs good, but junior bosses better: Survey

CEOs good, but junior bosses better: Survey

New Delhi: Top bosses inspire respect at workplace, but it’s the junior bosses who enjoy the confidence of employees, although nearly a third who participated in a survey feel they can do their bosses’ job better.

Nearly three in four employees are satisfied with the performance of their immediate bosses, but they are divided in the middle while rating C-level executives (CEOs, COOs etc.) of their companies.

At the same time, nearly one-third of the employees believe that they could do their bosses’ job better, says the survey conducted within the US by research firm Harris Interactive for the country’s leading job portal

Experts feel that the trend should be somewhat similar in India and other countries also.

Forty-five per cent of workers said they do not feel secure in the C-level leadership of their organisations and more than half said they do not feel motivated within their organisations and expressed a desire for more personal attention and development.

“Workers tend to have less visibility with senior management, which may negatively affect their ratings. When workers rated their senior executives, they were split 50/50, as 50 per cent of workers rated their CEO, CFO and COO’s performance as good or great, while the other 50% rated their performance as fair or bad," said.