You’ve come a long way baby!

You’ve come a long way baby!

New Delhi: With a number of private hospitals cropping up in big cities, the choice of where to have a baby has become a little easier for the upper-middle class over the last few years.

More educated, professional women in this group are looking for a certain type of experience throughout the whole pregnancy and birthing process, a bit different than what women may have experienced a generation ago. "My doctor is like my friend", says Prerna Kapoor Mendiratta, a patient of Max Hospital in New Delhi. "She eases my doubts no matter how silly they may be. When I call her she calls me right back".

Women are choosing private hospitals that have facilities under one roof and are equipped to handle emergencies, high risk pregnancies, with neo-natal units, and an ambiance that doesn’t necessarily resemble a typical hospital.

Rooms are painted with soothing pastel colours and include furniture that may resemble your bedroom set at home. Rooms also come furnished with a separate area that consists of a sofa and a TV for guests, giving the mother the privacy she needs.

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In addition, hospitals like Fortis La Femme and The Cradle of Apollo Hospitals have labour-delivery-recovery rooms that are equipped to handle every part of the birthing process, rather than having separate rooms for each part of the process. These hospitals even encourage having the husband in the room during delivery, something not done in most maternity nursing homes or government hospitals.

The price of delivering at a private hospital can cost anywhere from Rs25,000 to well over Rs1 lakh, depending on the type of room you choose.

But the advent of company sponsored health insurance plans, which cover a large portion of the delivery charges, has made the birth delivery a luxurious option that can be accessed even by the middle-class.