Poverty: Maharashtra ranks 3rd, after UP and Bihar

Poverty: Maharashtra ranks 3rd, after UP and Bihar

Mumbai: Maharashtra’s image as a progressive state has taken a beating with recent figures rating it third amongst major states, after Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as regards the population below poverty line.

An economic survey released by the state government said the poverty estimates provided by the Planning Commission reveal poverty ratio in the state is 30.7%, 3.2% more than the all-India (27.5%) figure.

“Maharashtra had 3.17 crore persons below poverty line after Uttar Pradesh (5.90 crore) and Bihar (3.69 crore) in 2004-05," the survey said.

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal had the same level of poverty figures during 1993-94, but during 2004-05, poverty ratios of these states are much less than that of Maharashtra, it said. However, in absolute terms, the population below poverty line in the state increased by 12.2 lakh during the same period. This increase was mainly observed in urban areas.

‘“In 1997, 34.6% of population was BPL in rural areas which later became 35.8% in 2002. In 1997, the urban BPL population was 8.8%, which rose to 13.9% in 2002," it said.