India may seek easing of US tech sanctions during Obama visit

India may seek easing of US tech sanctions during Obama visit

Nairobi: India may seek easing of US rules that deny dual-use technology with both civil and military applications to foreign buyers during President Barack Obama’s visit to New Delhi next month.

“The issue of dual technology is likely to crop up during Obama’s visit to India," a source closely watching the developments said.

Under the American technology regime, certain organizations included in the ‘Entity Lists’ are denied know- how that has applications for both military and civil use.

Indian strategic organisations like the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) feature in the ‘Entity Lists’. Thus, the country, which recently signed a civil nuclear deal with the US, continues to be deprived of vital technology used for civil applications.

Talking to reporters here, visiting commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma said he had taken up the matter with the US authorities during his recent visit to Washington.

“During my talks with the US trade representative and the US commerce secretary, I had raised the issue of technology denial for the export control regime. I am sure that our concerns have seriously been registered with the US leadership," he said.

Obama is scheduled to visit India in the second week of November.