Global Political Risk Index

Global Political Risk Index

Potential post-election uncertainty caused India’s outlook to be lowered to negative from neutral in Eurasia Group’s latest ranking of 24 countries based on their political risks. India’s ranking remained constant at 11 with a score of 63 in April, up from 62 in March, but “difficult post-election coalition negotiations" will increase political and economic uncertainty, according to the political risk consultancy.

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The survey precedes the last two phases of voting in the Lok Sabha election, which is expected to produce a split mandate. China ranked 14 with a score of 60, but its outlook is positive because first-quarter economic growth of 6.1% will give policymakers space to consider ways to lift consumer spending. Pakistan brought up the rear with a score of 44 and a negative outlook as increased militant attacks across the country mount pressure on the government.

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The index is a composite measure of a country’s government, society, security and economy. While the score indicates stability or instability for the month gone by (April, in this case), the outlook (positive, negative or neutral) indicates which way the scores will move.

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