Obama to ease US-India export controls, boost trade

Obama to ease US-India export controls, boost trade

Mumbai: President Barack Obama will announce the easing of US controls on exports to India when he addresses business leaders here on Saturday in a move to boost trade between the two countries, the White House said.

Obama, who kicked off a 10-day tour of Asia with a big push for US business with India, will address a business summit to showcase American goods as US businesses finalise deals worth around $10 billion with India that will support 54,000 jobs back home, White House aide Michael Froman told reporters.

Some 20 deals are in the pipeline, including previously announced transactions involving General Electric and Boeing, although details on a $4.5 billion sale by Boeing of C-17 military transport planes were still being ironed out.

Outlining a series of measures to ease export controls, Froman said the President will support Indian membership of four key global nuclear non-proliferation regimes.

“This really includes India as a major player in a non-proliferation world... and it recognizes the nature of the strategic relationship we now have with India," he said.

The four regimes are the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Missile Technology Control Regime, the Australian Group, which aims to reduce the spread of chemical and biological weapons, and the Wassenaar Arrangement, a multinational effort to control the transfer of conventional arms and dual-use technology.

Obama will also remove almost all of the remaining Indian defence and space organizations from a list of entities maintained by the US government to curb proliferation, and relax so-called dual-use rules for Indian firms that regulate technology with both civil and defence applications.

“We will end up treating India similar to other close allies and partners other than as a country of concern," Froman said.