Al Gore calls for early climate treaty

Al Gore calls for early climate treaty

Oslo: Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore has urged governments to advance by two years on a new treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions instead of waiting until the Kyoto pact expires in 2012.

Ministers from several governments are meeting at a UN conference in Bali, Indonesia, to try to launch talks on a successor to the Kyoto pact to be concluded by 2009, which would allow three years for ratification before the existing pact expires.

“I hope they will move the effective date of the new treaty forward by two years so that we don’t wait until 2012 to have a much tougher treaty in place," said Al Gore, former US vice president in Oslo, where he will collect the Nobel prize on 10 December.

Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were jointly awarded the 2007 peace prize for their work to raise awareness and further scientific knowledge of climate change.