Taliban group takes onus for Lahore blast: report

Taliban group takes onus for Lahore blast: report

Islamabad: A hitherto unheard of pro-Taliban group called ‘Ansar Wa Mohajir´ has claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s car bomb attack in Lahore, for which four alleged Indian nationals have reportedly been arrested by Pakistani authorities.

A man identifying himself as Toofan Wazir, the commander and spokesman of the group, phoned The News daily from somewhere in North Waziristan to claim responsibility for the blast in Lahore and earlier rocket attacks on Dera Ismail Khan city.

Wazir threatened more attacks against security forces and government installations to avenge two recent US missile strikes in North Waziristan in which several militants from Punjab province were killed.

The report in the influential Pakistani daily said it appeared “obvious that he (Wazir) and his men are pro-Taliban and part of the Pakistani Taliban".

Media reports have said that hours after Wednesday’s car bomb attack, intelligence and security agencies in Lahore arrested an alleged Indian national identified as either Satish Anand Shukla or Satish Anand Sharma. The man, who purportedly worked in the Indian High Commission in London, belonged to Kolkata, the reports said.

Geo News channel subsequently reported that intelligence agencies had yesterday arrested three more alleged Indian nationals on the basis of information provided by the first man who was nabbed. A camera and a pistol were reportedly found in their possession.

Police officials in Lahore have not confirmed the arrest of the alleged Indian nationals and there has been no official word on the matter. The Indian High Commission here has also not been informed about these arrests by Pakistani authorities.