What is it? The number of girls below 12 years of age who have been reported to be victims of rape in 2016, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Why is it important? President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday promulgated an ordinance that would provide death penalty for those convicted of raping girls below the age of 12 years. It raises questions if such amendments will act as a deterrent, as the conviction rate under the POSCO Act, 2012, was just 29.6% in 2016; further, in 94.6% of cases, the accused was a person known to the victim.

Tell me more: Besides making punishment for all those convicted of rape more stringent and increasing jail-term, fast-track courts will be set up and investigation of all rape cases must be completed within two months.


What is it? The number of political parties whose representatives met vice-president M. Venkaiah Naidu on Friday to file an impeachment motion seeking to remove chief justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra.

Why is it important? This is the first time that such a motion seeking the removal of the CJI has been filed since the country’s independence. The parties making the contents of the impeachment public is a violation of rules, according to some Parliament officials. If the petition is rejected, Congress would reportedly move the Supreme Court.

Tell me more: A three-member committee would be formed to investigate the charges against CJI Dipak Misra, if the motion is admitted. An impeachment motion against the CJI can be only on the grounds of proved misbehaviour or incapacity.


What is it? The number of wilful defaulters whose passports have been impounded in the last few months, according to Punjab National Bank (PNB). In addition, the bank has filed 37 FIRs (First Information Reports) against defaulters.

Why is it important? This is the first instance of a bank making such information public after the government asked all lenders to get passport details of those who have borrowed or will borrow Rs50 crore and above. PNB, which reported India’s biggest banking fraud a few months ago, says it can recover its losses from the alleged Rs13,000-crore scam within six months.

Tell me more: PNB has recently approached a Hong Kong court to file a recovery writ against the accused Nirav Modi and plans similar legal action in other countries where Modi and his associates have assets and properties.

Rs212 crore

What is it? The amount reportedly saved by the Income Tax Department on postage in 2017-18 (for the 9-month period till December), following it shifting more forms of filing and communication online.

Why is it important? For all of 2016-17, it saved Rs177 crore. This snapshot of one government department captures the future of the Indian postal department. In 2016-17, India Post delivered 5.5 billion unregistered letters, a year-on-year drop of 1.6%.

Tell me more: During 2016-17, India Post earned revenues of Rs11,511 crore, a year-on-year fall of 11%. Of this, 35% came from the sale of stamps and postage realised in cash.


What is it? The difference in points in the top Italian footballing league between first-placed Juventus and second-placed Napoli.

Why is it important? On Sunday, Napoli stunned Juventus 1-0 in their own backyard, taking the title fight in Serie A down to the wire. There are just four games left to play and a maximum 12 points up for grabs, and reigning champions Juventus have a more difficult schedule than Napoli, including two away games at top-five sides Roma and Inter Milan.

Tell me more: Juventus has won the title for the last six years, the last three of which have come under manager Massimiliano Allegri, who is reportedly of interest to both Arsenal and Chelsea.

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