US, India should dismantle terrorism jointly: Roemer

US, India should dismantle terrorism jointly: Roemer

New Delhi: Describing Lashkar-e-Toiba as the “enemy of both US and India," US ambassador to India Timothy Roemer on Thursday said it is in the common interest to work together to dismantle terror infrastructure.

“LeT is enemy of both US and India. Working together on how to mitigate, dismantle infrastructure that is the common interest for India and US. Regional areas of security cooperation and defence are the areas to work on together," the Ambassador said at a CII function here.

Noting that US President Barack Obama treats relationship with India as very important, he said the forthcoming visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to America will provide with an opportunity to expand the strategic dialogue between the two countries.

“India’s Prime Minister’s visit is coming in November and we will try to look how we can expand our strategic dialogue - energy security and energy cooperation is one of the key strategic dialogues," he said.

The ambassador also said the recent visit of home minister P Chidambaram to the US was “very successful."

“He talked about more cooperation between the two countries. He talked about terrorism, exchange of forensic lab technology. We learnt lessons from our mistakes. We have now improved the deficiencies.

“There are many areas where we can cooperate like in best business practices, homeland security, defence trade deal and we think these are the growing areas for the US and India," he said.