CPM to finalize draft resolutions

CPM to finalize draft resolutions

New Delhi: The top brass of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or the CPM, will meet in Kolkata beginning Tuesday to finalize the draft of the political and ideological resolutions that are to be adopted in April and will define the stand of the party over the next few years.

The CPM will hold a party congress in April where the two resolutions will be adopted, apart from the draft organizational resolution. The upcoming meet in Kolkata is expected to be the only meeting of the central committee prior to the party congress, Basu said.

The central committee of the CPM, in its previous meeting in November, had discussed the draft ideological resolution that was presented by the politburo. In the meeting this week, the political resolution will be discussed in detail.

“The political resolution will cover a gamut of issues which have come up in the last four years and it will set our political stand for the next three years. A few other immediate issues may come up, but this meeting is to concentrate on finalizing these two documents," Basu said.

The draft resolutions are important for the cadre-based CPM, whose central committee in its November meeting had adopted a resolution to limit the number of terms of secretaries to three. The party was defeated last year in its bastions of West Bengal and Kerala and is looking at ways to strengthen the organization.

The party is seeking to cleanse the lower ranks in West Bengal, a person familiar with the developments said on condition of anonymity.

“All the committees right from blocks to state level will be pruned. The process will be completed before the party congress," the person said.