A longer tax break for STPIs?

A longer tax break for STPIs?

New Delhi: Government has earned Rs55,000 crore revenue over the past five years from telecom licence fees and spectrum charges.

“Licence fees and spectrum charges of over Rs55,000 crore have been collected since 2003 when the UASL regime came into effect. Every year telecom revenues are growing by about

15%", Telecom Minister A. Raja said at the Economic Editors’ conference here on Tuesday.

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e3f6ddaa-bb02-11dd-b336-000b5dabf613.flvIn addition, the Telecom Commission has taken a decision to increase annual spectrum charges for 2G Spectrum. This decision, when implemented, will realise additional revenue of about Rs1,200 crore per year.

Citing DoT’s achievements, Raja said foreign direct investment inflow has gone up from $478 million in 2006-07 to $1,261 million in 2007-08 — an increase of 2.5 times.

He said auction of 3G and Broadband Wireless Access spectrum would be held in January 2009. Broad guidelines have been issued and independent auctioneer N M Rothschild has been selected.

Spectrum will be allotted through simultaneous ascending e-auction. The Reserve Price for one block of Pan-India spectrum is Rs2,020 crore.

On an average, five blocks will be auctioned. The Reserve Price for auction of 5 blocks will be Rs10,100 crore.

“Government expects to realise significantly higher amounts. BWA spectrum is to be auctioned in a similar fashion. Four blocks will be auctioned, each having a Pan-India Reserve Price of Rs1,010 crore. The auction of BWA spectrum will bring WiMax services to rural areas and will help in broadband roll-out," he said.